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Board of Appeals


The ZBA has all the powers and duties set forth in Connecticut General Statutes relating to Zoning Appeals.  It hears appeals from decisions of the Zoning Enforcement Officer and is empowered to grant variances to the Zoning Regulations.

Article III, Section 1. Powers and Duties, Zoning Regulations

The Woodstock Zoning Board of Appeals shall have all the powers and duties set forth in the Connecticut General Statutes relating to zoning boards of appeals, including, but not limited to:

  1. To hear and decide appeals where it is alleged that there is an error in any order, requirement or decision made by the Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZEO);
  2. To determine and vary the application of the zoning regulations in harmony with their general purpose and intent and with due consideration for conserving the public health, safety, convenience, welfare and property values solely with respect to a parcel of land where, owing to conditions especially affecting such parcel but not affecting generally the district in which it is situated, a literal enforcement of such regulations would result in exceptional difficulty or unusual hardship so that substantial justice will be done and the public safety and welfare secured;
  3. To hear and decide on a proposed location for dealing in or repairing motor vehicles, or the sale of gasoline and similar products, pursuant to Sections 14-55 and 14-322, respectively, of the Connecticut General Statutes;
  4. To hear and decide on other matters as set forth in these regulations and the Connecticut General Statutes.

Article III, Section 2. Procedures

Any appeal, application or other matter requiring a decision of the Zoning Board of Appeals shall be submitted on a form prescribed by the Zoning Board of Appeals, and shall be accompanied by the required fee and any maps, statements and other documents required by the Zoning Board of Appeals in order to properly evaluate and render a decision on such appeal, application or other matter. All maps submitted shall meet or exceed the minimum requirements for a zoning permit plan. No such appeal, application or other matter shall be decided without first convening a public hearing on same, in accordance with the requirements of the Connecticut General Statutes. No variance approval shall take effect until a copy thereof, certified by the Zoning Board of Appeals, has been recorded in the Office of the Town Clerk. The securing of a variance or other approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals shall not, in and of itself, exempt an applicant from the requirements for a zoning permit or other approval required by these regulations.

Please refer to the Zoning Regulations for more information on land use regulation in Woodstock.

Feel free to contact Michael D'Amato, ZEO with your questions at: 860-963-2128 x 303 or by email (click HERE).


The full Zoning Board of Appeals meets monthly, usually on the third Monday of the month (includes Public Hearings) where applications for variances, and appeals of the Zoning Enforcement Officer decisions, etc., are heard, at the time noted on the ZBA Calendar. (Note: In the event of a holiday or inclement weather, please contact the Building Office for the correct meeting date.)  See the Calendar tab, above, for upcoming meetings.  Special Subcommittee meetings are scheduled as needed. Agendas and minutes are available at the Town Hall and on this website. Meetings are open to the public.


The ZBA consists of 5 members and 3 alternates, each appointed for a four year term.

Member vacancies are filled by a majority vote of remaining members until the next Town election.  Alternate vacancies are filled by the Selectmen for the unexpired portion of the term.


  • William Brower, Vice Chair
  • Robert Laurens, Secretary
  • Martin Nieski
  • Raymond Smith
  • Suzanne Woodward, Chair
  • Dorothy Durst, Alternate
  • Victor Peabody, Alternate
  • Stuart Peaslee, Alternate


  • Send regular mail to: Zoning Board of Appeals: Woodstock Town Hall, 415 Route 169, Woodstock, CT 06281-3039
  • Email: click HERE
  • Phone: 860-928-1388  x328

For further information regarding Zoning Board of Appeals, please contact the ZEO, Michael D'Amato at 860-928-1388  x303.

You can also call the Board of Selectmen's Office at (860) 928-0208 x310 or email (click HERE) for information on how to contact the Zoning Board of Appeals directly.



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